Episode #81: CEO of Coldwell Banker, Budge Huskey

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First up it’s the BUZZ…  Associations are power brokers. Who they lend that power to makes a huge difference in an agent and a broker’s evolution.  A new approach is needed with companies offering new products & technology for real estate in order for us to benefit from the innovation happening in the private sector. Agents need to take a strong position with the Associations & MLS’s if they want opportunity to be presented more widely, in particular when there is a conflict of interest present.  The reason tech has lagged in real estate is purely the strangle hold Associations and MLS’s have had on the data, forms and their dues paying agents.  We’ve created Zillow and Trulia.  Why not level the playing field for start ups?  Case in point … Dotloop vs California Association of Realtors aka CAR.  Know that CAR also owns the ZipForms program being utilized by MLS’s today. Someone is getting rich off of the lack of competition.And you are suffering for it.  There is enough room in this industry to provide equal opportunity to the agents who need CHOICES.  Call your MLS,or your Association, especially if you are in California and make sure you are getting choices you deserve.  Stay involved and don’t let it be business as usual. That has got to stop.

budge-previews[1]Budge Huskey started real estate in a family who had 60 years under their belt. He began with Coldwell Banker because of an attraction to the level of professionalism conveyed by the brand. His commitment and the opportunities presented with the attitude of adding value to his role put him in the position of being offered opportunity time after time until his present role.  Rules for success:  Be fully committed to it your role.  Be in the right place and work hard enough, you won’t need to ask for a promotion.

“We still have unique access to more information as agents.  The value of an agent is determined by the interpretation of raw data”, Budge says. “That is where the point of differentiation. Top agents? they’re going back to the tried and true practices that have always worked and improving on the consumer experience. “You no longer can leave things to chance. Training, commitment and utilizing the tool set including technology is key in transformation,” says Huskey.

Agents and companies who look outside their own industries and follow consumer trends .  “This is the age of consumer empowerment.  We need to give the consumers what they want. People are still looking for that relationship built on trust.” Budge Huskey, CEO Coldwell Banker.


via @Debra11 ” What wakes @CBBudge up at 3am? #1: 3rd party aggregators. #2: Focusing too much on autonomy in lieu of standards. #AgentCaff

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“A legacy brand with a start up attitude” via @CBBudge on @AgentCaff @ColdwellBanker #AgentCaff bit.ly/133zxB0

via @CrystellaH “Information is power” says CEO of @coldwellbanker @cbbudge #AgentCaff bit.ly/133zxB0

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