Episode #80: Strategy Building a Team with Chris Speicher

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chris-speicher_1690-BW-Web[1]From modestly successful to $50mil in 3 short years. How do you do that?  Chris Speicher unleashes his top secrets in how he and his partner/wife break up the duties of the business, We’re talking about working your sphere, drip campaigns, digging into some of the incredible things that have had a significant impact in their success.  These are the secrets you can use in your business. The things that will help you get unstuck. To be a better agent, a more successful broker…  More with Chris Speicher coming soon.

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@Debra11 Infuse BOTH the “Tech Slant” and “Old Skool” in your biz..via @SpeicherGroup Chris and Peggy = #PowerCouple! #agentcaff

@ReneFabre #agentcaff @SpeicherGroup contact everyday new, clients, sphere, hot leads..make the calls, appts 12 to 20 every single day.

@CrystellaH Keep lead follow-up short, sweet and to the point. Customer wants to be contacted the way they contact you. @SpeicherGroup #AgentCaff

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