Episode #79: Mastering the Fine Art of Zillowisms & Conversions

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chris-speicher_1690-BW-Web[1]Chris Speicher of the Speicher Group, a company that went from $6 to $50 million  in three short years, joins me in a revealing conversation of his team’s use of Zillow as a platform for leads.  We all know the history of Zillow. The animosity of brokers to the consumer oriented search portal, the dismay of agents feeling their leads were sold back to them. You can’t ignore what the consumer thinks.  The consumer will use these portals whether you like it or not.

This episode addresses the strategy behind working with Zillow as a lead generation tool. How to develop conversions. Strategies, tactics and testing that led to a one year production of $6 million solely attributed to Zillows lead capture system with a brokerage being a “premiere agent” and working with zip codes and a strong follow up regime to convert.

It’s candid and from a source who wants to help others as Agent Caffeine does, achieve their goals with the highest level of success.

Enjoy the show!

Kelly Mitchell


@skynnard Spreading the marketing investment $$ so that all your eggs are not in one basket! #agentcaff

@lindsayreuter There is a difference btwn what an average Realtor does & what it takes to be successful…SO TRUE @SpeicherGroup #AgentCaff

@CrystellaH: Keep lead follow-up short, sweet and to the point. Customer wants to be contacted the way they contact you. @SpeicherGroup#AgentCaff

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