Episode #48 Nimble.com ‘s CEO Jon Ferrara

Relationships drive business.  Social has immense power and is substantially changing how we are doing business.   The two working together are an unbeatable equation.  Jon Ferrara originally founded GoldMine, a pioneering CRM solution.  Fast forward to 2011 and social media taking the world by storm.  Recognizing a need to meld social with CRM led to the creation of Nimble.com . Jon is the driving force behind the company and the CRM engine,  Nimble.  Find out how you can control conversations, be in charge of a massive knowledge base and use it to do business better .  Listening engagement on steriods…

Laura Monroe, the new Social Media Director of Inman Next jumps on fresh off her inaugural webinar on Mobile Evolution.  We talk optimizing content for multiple platforms, responsive websites and mobile devices.  New York City is the winter home of Real Estate Connect one of the biggest real estate events of the year.  You’ll get an inside look at whose involved, the speakers and the content.

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